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  1. EDP Gestão Produção Energia, S.A. makes this channel available to all its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to report bad practices and/or doubts of an ethical nature, regulatory non-compliance, both external and internal, and the issues provided for in Law 93/2021 of 20 December.
  2. All complaints are received, monitored throughout the process and responded to, by a designated person appointed by EDP Gestão Produção Energia, S.A.
  3. EDP Gestão Produção Energia, S.A. assumes the explicit commitment to protect the whistleblower, namely through unequivocal principles of non-retaliation against those who resort to this means in good faith and in a justified manner.
  4. The confidentiality of complainants is guaranteed by the high level of performance of the information systems in use.
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In order to better assist you, we remind you that this contact channel is exclusively for reporting bad practices foreseen in the legislation approved by Law no. 93/2021, of 20 December.

If the issue does not fall within the framework described above, you can use the EDP group channel available here.

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